Why Choose PC Drainage?


Rapid, economical drainage with minimal surface disruption and downtime.


Delivering strong flow capacity and improved drainage.


A cost-effective and efficient alternative to conventional drainage systems.

Introducing PC Drainage Technology

Maintaining high-quality turf grass starts by installing a quality drainage system. Aqua-Terra Canada is at the leading edge of turf maintenance with the use of Passive Capillary Drainage (PC Drainage), a revolutionary solution that helps ensure optimal playing conditions with minimal downtime.

How? Conventional drainage systems require trenching and installation of underground piping. Even slit drainage systems, which are somewhat gentler on turf, leave scars that damage playing surfaces and take longer to recover following routine maintenance procedures.

With PC Drainage, elements are placed at the bottom of a narrow sand curtain, which enables water trapped at the soil interface to drain efficiently. These unique fiberglass elements have a stainless steel mesh core that allows large amounts of water to be removed quickly through gravity flow. The result is a system that provides fast, free-flow drainage along with Capillary Suction to remove excess moisture.

We install the PC Drainage system with our Aqua-Terra Sandbander unit, which cuts soil precisely and lays the PC Element into the ground with minimal disruption or compaction. Installation of the sand curtain does not extend to the soil surface. This helps ensure that the PC Drainage installation is minimally invasive and that golf greens or other playing surfaces are playable immediately following installation. Best of all, PC Drainage is cost effective when compared to conventional drainage systems.

What Others Are Saying About Us

Ask any golf course professional about drainage and the consensus is always, you can never have enough.
PC drainage is another tool in the professional’s arsenal. It’s fast, effective and easy to install with play possible immediately after installation. It has turned some of our sour spots into sweet spots.

Greg Aljoe
Course Professional, Oviinbyrd Golf Club, Ontario

The biggest advantage of PCD is it’s very NON-INTRUSIVE to the greens. For clubs that have a large amount of play, disruption is an absolute minimum. Probably the most work was to dig up the 4 inch pipe to tie in the PCD.

Terry Kennelly
General Manager, The Concession Golf Club, Bradenton, FL

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