Providing fast, free-flow drainage with Capillary Suction, to remove excess turf moisture

Golf Courses

Passive Capillary (PC) Drainage is the only drainage system that can be installed into a golf green at narrow, three-foot spacing for more efficient drainage.

Layering is common in putting green soils and occurs when a sandy root zone overlies a finer textured native soil, which is typical after years of topdressing. In push-up greens the interface is often too close to the surface, resulting in “wet soil” problems for the turf. Even in USGA greens, excess water tends to perch where the sandy root zone interfaces with the gravel layer. This perched water is held at a slight suction, and is unable to enter conventional drainage systems.

PC Drainage elements are placed at the bottom of a narrow sand curtain, which gives water trapped at the soil interface an exit route. The unique element has an open stainless steel mesh core to remove large amounts of water quickly through gravity flow. The element is made of highly conductive fiberglass, in which the spaces between the fibers match the pore size of a medium sandy root zone.

The result is a system that drains quickly using passive gravity drainage and wicks away excess soil moisture with capillary suction throughout the day.

Sports Fields

Baseball, soccer, football, ruby and track and field athletes rely on high-quality, turf grass surfaces to ensure consistent playing conditions and to minimize the risk of serious injuries.

In Canada, these sports all have very short playing seasons, so it’s important that fields are in good condition for the entire season.

Turf managers who once struggled to dry playing surfaces in the event of excessive wet weather finally have a solution to their maintenance challenges: PC Drainage, which can be installed on an entire field, or on select areas that retain water.

In addition, PC Drainage can be installed in the spring, fall or even mid-season. Our non-disruptive installation process ensures that fields can be in-use all season without having to cancel games, events or matches.

Most importantly, PC Drainage can be installed quickly and at a price comparable to conventional drainage systems—but without the disruption or closure of playing fields.