About Us

Setting an innovative new standard for Soil Drainage Technology

Headquartered in Collingwood, Ont., Aqua­-Terra Canada Inc. holds the exclusive rights to distribute the PC Drainage system across North America and various markets globally. This innovative solution is designed to improve drainage on natural grass surfaces such as golf courses, park lands and sports fields.

We’re dedicated to helping turf managers improve soil drainage efficiency to reduce costs and minimize playing field downtimes. With decades of combined turf-maintenance experience working in diverse environments, our teams have the expertise to install PC Drainage in virtually any turf surface. We’re committed to providing fast, reliable installation and quality service that delivers the results you need.

Our Team

Peter Atkinson

President, Aqua-Terra Canada/Aqua-Terra North America Inc.

Peter is the President of Atkinson Irrigation Limited. Founded in 1993, Atkinson Irrigation has managed the installation of irrigation systems on more than 200 golf courses across Canada. His commitment to quality installation and service has made Atkinson Irrigation a leader in the Canadian golf irrigation industry.
In 2011, Peter founded Canadian Turf Specialty Products. CTSP, as it was formerly known, was developed as a distribution company for Sub-Air Products based in Graniteville, South Carolina. CTSP also served as the Canadian agent for a unique product line consisting of Sub-Air Systems, TurfBreeze Fans and PC Drainage.
In 2015, Peter rebranded CTSP as Aqua-Terra Canada Inc. A new piece of equipment was developed specifically for the installation of PC Drainage. Along the way, Peter also founded Aqua-Terra North America Inc. Both companies are now distributing products and equipment across North America and various markets globally. Peter is currently focused on managing the rapid growth of Aqua-Terra, while actively promoting and educating turf specialists on the benefits of PC Drainage.

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