PC Drainage

The Latest Innovation in Soil Drainage Technology

One inch diameter fiberglass element fibers draw water through capillary action when water is perched above the element.
Stainless steel mesh core carries drainage water away with efficiency during the first several hours following heavy rain.

PC Drainage Technology in Action

Required width and depth for
starting trench. (12″ x 22″)

Preparing to feed PC Drainage into
the PC installation unit.

PC Drainage installed in unit and ready for installation. Steel plates are utilized to maintain the integrity of the starting trench edges.

Dry bagged sand provides the BEST
results for the sand curtain.

PC installation unit and tractor combined allows for minimal disruption and compaction.

PC Drainage installed and rolled,
seam is barely visible,
minimal recovery time.

Installation of up to 12’’ is obtainable.
Consistent sand curtain to PC Drainage.

PC Drainage at work!

What Others Say About Us

PCD helped transform one of our poorest performing greens into one of our BEST performing greens.
Marty Sommerfeld
Eagle Oaks Golf & Country Club, NJ
The installation was seamless and the product’s performance far exceeded my expectations! So much so that we are planning on installing it in 4 more greens this fall.
Ray Rippert
Indian Valley Country Club, PA