PC Drainage Introduced at the 29th Annual Sports Turf Managers Field Day


img_20160922_120400Aqua-Terra Canada recently introduced PC Drainage / Sandbanding at the 29th Annual Sports Turf Managers Field Day, this year held in Toronto at the Etobicoke Olympium / Centennial Park Complexes. Many interested attendees were able to see a first hand field demonstration of PC Drainage and sandbanding being installed with the Aqua-Terra Sandbanding Unit. As you can see in the image to the right (actual snapshot from the field Demo), a very consistent sand curtain is installed to a depth of 12 inches providing a uniform sand channel for surface water to funnel down to the PC element and ultimately be removed from the playing surface through collector drains. As you can see the soil on both sides of the channel is very dry and the sand is pouring out at the bottom of the channel. If moisture was present, a lot tighter more pronounced channel would be visible. In the case of sandbanding, the result would be the same minus the PC element.